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Pizza – always with a capital P – and Passione are intrinsically interwoven into the fabric that makes the great seaport city of Naples! La vivanda scugnizza, the street urchin’s meal, has conquered the tables of the world. Here at Vecchia Napoli we have left no stone unturned to bring the very best of Neapolitan and indeed Italian Pizza to Malta.

Our Pizzaioli have spent several weeks in Milan, with Massimo Francavilla, Pizza champion of Europe, and also time in Naples with Ernesto Cacialli, chosen to prepare the Pizza for President Clinton during his visit to Naples.

Not only have we done our best to bake an excellent Pizza, procuring the highest quality ingredients, but we are also able to offer you a true taste of the Campania region with our exclusive pasta, sweets coffee and wines.

As Gennaro would say: “Bon Apptit!”